Water Water Everywhere

What is it about water!

Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas come to you in the shower? Rinse and repeat the phrases lest you forget them by the time you’re dry. Reach for that pen. Scrawl on the acrylic tub surround with water resistant markers.

There is a reason why this occurs. While our left analytical brains are busy solving problems, cleaning the house and tending to the mundane, the more creative right side of the brain is busy deconstructing, then recombining the elements that ultimately feed our souls. I perceive my right brain as a sieve, filtering the mundane from the left side, and allowing it to escape through the holes until all that’s left is the creative right.

I have written tomes in my head while swimming laps in the hot desert. Racing for the locker room afterward, I curse myself for not keeping pen and paper next to my water bottle. Too often, creating lasting profundity during a two-mile swim is tantamount to writing with invisible ink. Moments of endorphin-o-phoria make me think I’ll remember those thoughts, but more often they float away across the lap lanes or out to sea. And just when I think those ideas will never return, I find myself in the shower wondering where I put with those water resistant markers.

Days later while writing at my favorite coffee bar, something actually worth saying jumps through my fingers onto my computer screen. Whew! My balance is restored. I am once again in a state of dynamic equilibrium, much like the cliche ‘Water seeks its own level’ is a scientific left-brained truth.

My right brain however, knows that life works in mysterious waves.

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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